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Now, more than ever, we find it important to show our appreciation and gratitude to the staff who have put their heart and soul into the work that they do here at Woodlands Senior Living.

To the staff who have put on a brave face during these extraordinary times… Thank you.

To the staff who have continued to pour your hearts into the care you provide to the residents you serve… Thank you.

To the staff who have helped their fellow coworkers avoid scheduling conflicts due to lack of childcare and school… Thank you.

You all make a meaningful difference every single day.

We are so fortunate to have a team of dedicated, committed and resilient staff members here at Woodlands Senior Living. I invite you to join me in sharing your appreciation for the staff who work within our communities, making each day the best day possible for the residents we serve. Let’s lift their spirits by showing our gratitude and support.

To all Woodlands Senior Living staff – What you do matters. Thank you for all that you do.


Matthew Walters
Managing Member


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41 Heartfelt Thank Yous!

Thank you for all your selfless, compassionate care given to our elders!

Gail Hauser

Thank you to the staff at Woodlands Madison for the care and support you give to my mom. Especially during this very trying time of Covid restrictions and the never ending changes that seem to be made everyday.

Thank you all for all the wonderful hard work you do daily to keep our loved ones safe. You guys are my heroes!!!

Tracey Grover

We are all in this together

Nancy Bartlett

Thanks for all you do each and every day!

To the Brewer Woodlands Staff – The administrators, housekeepers, cooks, nurses, Maintenance workers – Thank you for all you do for the residents in your care. Yours is often a thankless and under appreciated profession(s).
This past year has been filled with uncertainty and rapidly changing hurdles to to overcome. Thank you for being the daily heroes in so many lives.
A special thanks to Naomi and Manaz, for the kindness, patience and understanding shown to our mother. ❤️

Thank you

Thank you to Brewer Woodlands Staff. Mom has been with you for a few years now. I am very pleased with her care. Covid has really thrown a wrench into activities that are available but still Mom continues to be happy and feels she is well cared for and safe. Can not wait to be able to get back to having regular visits with mom and also seeing the staff again. Naomi, Monaz(SP),Sue & Cindy are just a few that have been awesome. Thank you to all!

We pray for you and our family members. We care about you and are so very grateful for the care you are giving our families. Please take care♡

Monique.Nadeau for Marie♡

Thank you to the staff and all that work at the Madison site. My sister keeps telling us that she likes it there . She says everyone uses her good and the food is sooooo good. Keep up the good work and all that you do in trying to keep the clients all safe .

Woodlands facility: Hillside Terrace Hallowell staff are amazing. Each and every staff member shows compassion, patience, and professionalism for the residents. My mom’s stay there thus far has been a great experience for her in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on visitations. Thank you Flor and her amazing team.

Very grateful for everyone in Brewer. You are all so wonderful ♡

So greatful for the brewer community <3 These residents and co workers have changed my life 🙂

To Flor and the Hillside Terrace team – Words will never be able to describe what you mean to our family. While it has been hard not seeing mom, it means so much to us to know that she is happy and well cared for by her Hillside Terrace family. We are so grateful for all of you. Please know you are in all of our prayers.


Lewiston staff – thank you for all that you are doing to keep my Dad safe. You are angels to our family. We love you all.


The staff, as well as the residents, are so lucky to have you leading the team in Brewer. Thank you for all you are doing to keep everyone safe, healthy and happy.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you are doing. You are all such special people. <3


To all the Hallowell staff, words are not enough to tell you how much you are appreciated! Thank you for being true hero’s and making each day special for each resident

Angels are working at Woodlands


Everything you are doing to provide fun opportunities for the residents in Hallowell is not going unnoticed. You are making such a difference. <3
Thank you!

Thank you for being TRUE heroes.

Thank you for giving these precious people a reason to smile and feel valued. You are ALL to be applauded for a job well done!

Kathy Miller

Hillside Terrace staff thank you for going above and beyond during this pandemic and keeping all the residents there safe. You truly are heroes!

Brewer staff is amazing thank you every one for all u do your very much appreciated..


All you guys are the best thanks for all your hard work

So much love and thanks to all of the residents, their loved ones and to all of the staff and their loved ones…every single day!

I feel thankful that we were able to get my Dad into Woodlands when we did. I appreciate all that you are doing to take care of him and keep a smile on his face. Thank you to all the staff who have helped us to feel at ease during these trying times. We love you all and are forever grateful.


You are true heroes. Thank you for sacrificing so much to care for my grandmother. I appreciate you.

Ashley R.

Rockland Staff. Thank you for putting your heart into making everyday the best day possible for the residents. You guy’s continue to ROCK!!!


The Farmington team has truly gone above and beyond to care for the residents during this pandemic! Staff has adjusted their daily lives to keep the residents safe, picked up extra hours to make sure the residents get AMAZING care, and has come together like a family! You all ROCK! #farmingtonisafamily

Thank you so much for being there for my parents when we are not able to be because of this pandemic. Although we miss them terribly, we are comforted that you are keeping them safe and always having a positive attitude!

Woodlands in Hallowell

My mom has been a resident in the Madison Memory Care Unit for a month now. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear her say how happy she is every time I do a window visit or phone call! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication, especially during these rough times! She truly feels at home!❤️


Thank you for all the care and happiness you bring to those at Woodlands. The community is better because of your daily contributions.


Thanks to all the woodlands staff for all that they do

Thanks for the great care and compassion given to our parents. We are thankful❤️

Although my mother passed away 2 years ago last week I continue to think of all who took care of her while living for 5 years at Brewer assisted living and Memory Care. It truly takes a very special, patient, giving, caring and flexible person to work in these settings day after day. Many times over it is a thankless job for little pay and yet for so many residents these employees are their “family”. Thank you for continuing to persevere through these uncharted times. ❤️

Louise Seekins

I want to thank all Farmington staff for all the hours u have put in during this pandemic.And the leadership that has also put in many hrs in to help all staff . Thank you all. ❤️❤️❤️


You are all incredible human beings to continue to show up to care for my parents. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Alice B.

Thank you Woodlands of Brewer staff. My mom is always happy when I speak to her on the phone. I know that is because of all that you are doing to lift her spirits.


Your positive attitude and smile bring joy and a sense of comfort to all of us.
Thank you for all that you do.

Waterville Family

The work you do makes a difference every day. Thank you for continuing to show your commitment to the residents you serve.

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