Now, more than ever, we find it important to show our appreciation and gratitude to the staff who have put their heart and soul into the work that they do here at Woodlands Senior Living.

To the staff who have put on a brave face during these extraordinary times… Thank you.

To the staff who have continued to pour your hearts into the care you provide to the residents you serve… Thank you.

To the staff who have helped their fellow coworkers avoid scheduling conflicts due to lack of childcare and school… Thank you.

You all make a meaningful difference every single day.

We are so fortunate to have a team of dedicated, committed and resilient staff members here at Woodlands Senior Living. I invite you to join me in sharing your appreciation for the staff who work within our communities, making each day the best day possible for the residents we serve. Let’s lift their spirits by showing our gratitude and support.

To all Woodlands Senior Living staff – What you do matters. Thank you for all that you do.


Matthew Walters
Managing Member


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42 Heartfelt Thank Yous!

there are some true warriors at woodlands memory care I will give a shout out to them, Kim Meader MacArthur and recent to me Shilo and another I forget her name but she cleans and is tall

Robin Kenney daughter of Judith McNally

Alysa LeClair is the most caring and loving person I have ever come across

You want to say thank you to all of the woodlands team across maine, just know you all make a meaningful difference in the residents we serve. But I do want to take a moment and thank Stephanie Carignan for making the residents in the Waterville memory care community feel so very special and cared for and more Importantly heard. The light and positivity you bring to them and your fellow coworkers every day will never go unnoticed! So Thank you !!!!

Thank you to the incredible staff at Cape Memory Care! You are amazing and we are so grateful for your commitment to each and every resident 💕

Thank you to Woodlands Senior Living for bringing your vision to the communities in the Lake Region Area by providing us with Woodlands Memory Care of Bridgton!

To the Hallowell Community team; thank you for all your hours of hard work and devoted labor to care for the residents.Thankful for your work and commitment.

To Woodlands Lewiston staff, thank you all for your continued efforts to ensure all of the residents needs are met. Your work really matters to those who need you most. Thank, thank thank you! ❤️💕

Thank you for all you do for my mother, Marie Fortin. I’m a CNA myself so I understand the struggle. Unfortunately I live couple hours away and have a special needs child so visits haven’t happened. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kimberley Piper

Huge THANK YOU to the Farmington Community for always working as a team, best team to be a part of!

Good message and Good Leadership

Joe Nelson

I went to find information for my mom today. I met a personal care assistant who said she was “just” a PCA. “Just” is such an understatement! Every nurse I have met is a lifeline and buoy of support not just for the resident or patient but also for the family. Know that you are very important for so many! Thank you!!

Be blessed and God be glorify.

Ricardo Disundi

Thank you to everyone that works at the Brewer Memory Care. I appreciate all that you do to care for my dad

Thank you to all the Woodlands of Waterville staff who have been there through the pandemic. We appreciate you coming to work every day to care for our loved ones.

Bailey Smith is the best worker. She holds every resident in her heart like they are her grandparents

Thank you Waterville staff in Memory Care for the care of my mom! You all are true HEROS 💕

Every care giver here at Park Residences are all angels sent from heaven. We are so grateful for the love and care that they provide in spite of being under staffed and filling in wearever they are needed. They have gone way above their regular duties. We have been at Park Residences now for over 2 yrs. and we are being well taken care of!!

Norman and Julie Vear Apt 113

Thank you to all of the Rockland employees! My mom is not easy to care for, and you all go above and beyond. ❤️
Thank you!


To the caring staff at Park Residences in Waterville you are all HEROS in my eyes … you guys really put smiles on the faces of all of your Residents..Keep up the great work ❤

A huge THANK YOU to all the staff at Cape Memory Care! 💜

Lori Bryant

Thank you Woodlands of Hallowell Memory Care. We so appreciate all you do for our mom and for all the residents. We know it’s not easy. So thankful for you! ❤️❤️❤️

The Hoffmans

Thank you to Farmington community to always making it a place we LOVE to work. Even on hard days our commitment to our residents is what matters the most!
If you love what you do – you’ll never work a day in your life ♥️

Your caring is a great asset to all including yourself. Know you are valuable.

I want to thank everyone who came to the rescue when our co -workers including myself was out with covid. Your help was appreciated. It was great getting to meet Co-worker from other Woodlands. You were and are HEROES.😍

To all of the fearless caregivers – thank you for all that you do. Words could never show our appreciation. <3

Thank you to Tara Reed, nurse in the Farmington facility…. she is always advocating for the residents there to get the right care at the right time.

Special shout-out to Renee and the rest of the staff at assisted living in Waterville for their care and compassion especially during these challenging times! Much appreciated!

Family of Nadine

Thank you to the Waterville community for all your hard work and dedication to all the residents. We love our woodlands team.

Thank you to all of you for your loving care of our elders. We so appreciate all that you do each and every day.

Michelle and Laurie from Rockland Woodlands are awesome. They always answer my questions regarding my dad. Woodlands of Rockland is lucky to have those two there. God bless you both.

Brewer memory care, Hang in there. You all are amazing and work your best regardless of the obstacles. The floor staff is absolutely amazing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you for all your selfless, compassionate care given to our elders!

Gail Hauser

We are all in this together

Nancy Bartlett

Thanks for all you do each and every day!

To the Brewer Woodlands Staff – The administrators, housekeepers, cooks, nurses, Maintenance workers – Thank you for all you do for the residents in your care. Yours is often a thankless and under appreciated profession(s).
This past year has been filled with uncertainty and rapidly changing hurdles to to overcome. Thank you for being the daily heroes in so many lives.
A special thanks to Naomi and Manaz, for the kindness, patience and understanding shown to our mother. ❤️

Thank you

Very grateful for everyone in Brewer. You are all so wonderful ♡

To Flor and the Hillside Terrace team – Words will never be able to describe what you mean to our family. While it has been hard not seeing mom, it means so much to us to know that she is happy and well cared for by her Hillside Terrace family. We are so grateful for all of you. Please know you are in all of our prayers.


Lewiston staff – thank you for all that you are doing to keep my Dad safe. You are angels to our family. We love you all.


The staff, as well as the residents, are so lucky to have you leading the team in Brewer. Thank you for all you are doing to keep everyone safe, healthy and happy.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you are doing. You are all such special people. <3


To all the Hallowell staff, words are not enough to tell you how much you are appreciated! Thank you for being true hero’s and making each day special for each resident

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