Virtually every aspect of our memory care facility has been carefully developed from the ground up to meet the needs of residents, from bathroom doors that open in both directions (so people don’t feel trapped) to home-like kitchens (where controls are accessible only to staff) to indoor and outdoor spaces and activities that keep the people we care for engaged in what’s familiar. The thinking that has gone into Cape Memory Care is evident in the amenities we offer:

  • Fully furnished private and semi-private bedrooms, each with a private bathroom
  • High caregiver-to-resident ratio
  • Rooms designed like those in a family home so people feel safe in their surroundings
  • A staff specially trained to work with each person to involve them in familiar, everyday activities they enjoy such as folding laundry, washing dishes, or watering the garden
  • Interior walking circuits with cues to help people find their way
  • An expansive, secured courtyard that provides for independent walking and other outdoor activities
  • A central residential kitchen for supervised cooking activities